Awesome Esperance Wedding 2021

Night time wedding ceremony on West Beach Esperance.

It’s always awesome and a honour when a couple loves my work so much they are prepared to fly me to their Esperance wedding to capture their big day. 

When these lovers, first approached me to capture their Esperance wedding I thought it’s a bit of a drive.

Ok that’s no problem they were willing to fly me to the location, and accomodate me while I was in Esperance.

Then they said the ceremony is at 8pm on the beach I though ok that will be tricky with lighting as it would be pitch black.

After chatting with them I really loved these two and their quirkiness, I thought ok challenge accepted.

I arrived in Esperance the day before the wedding just to be sure to avoid any flight delays or issues with me arriving on time.

I was picked up from the airport and was informed we needed to do a few errands before returning to my accomodation .

I arrived at my accomodation to be greeted with vodka as it was custom in the brides country to greet people coming into a home with a shot of vodka.

We needed to do a few more things in the town before the wedding so I joined him before returning to have dinner with the couple. 

The Wedding Day

After the bride was ready and we had done some bride preparation photos we headed to Lucky Bay which was about a 70 kilometre drive.

Esperance and Lucky Bay is such an awesome place bound with endless beautiful scenery.

After we finished at Lucky Bay we needed to get back to West Beach for photos before sunset. I did some photos of the bride in the car as we travel back to West Beach which turned out amazing.

Esperance wedding

After the West Beach photos we all went back to the accomodation to get ready for the wedding ceremony.

The bride also changed into a second wedding dress for the night wedding ceremony.

The ceremony included the couple simultaneously pouring sea water into a vase and then walking down to the ocean to pour water back into the sea, symbolically celebrating the joining of their marriage. Also they said their vows at 8pm at night which is a little different than normal.I needed to use a few flashes around the ceremony to help light up the area a bit more.   

The newly married couple held a small reception for their guests back at their accomodation, as they only had a few friends that flew down from Perth. I initially wasn’t going to stay for the reception as I had an early flight the next day and I was unsure how I would get back to my accomodation that night to get a good nights sleep.

Fortunately I decided to stay and enjoy their company and their friends, I eventually got a lift to my accomodation around midnight from a couple who had an even earlier flight than me. I’m so glad I stayed and helped celebrate with them on their special wedding day.

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