So Cal Limos Perth


So Cal Limos have some of the best selection of limos and classic cars available to hire for your wedding day in Perth.


Paul Winzar Photography often find ourselves at the same weddings as So Cal Limos and we really enjoy the professionalism of this company and how beautifully their cars are presented at the weddings they attend. The photographs we take of these cars are stunning and this can be partly attributed to to the care and consideration Pierce and his team place on presenting their vehicles.


We asked Perth City Limos a few questions


Do you have a favourite photo that Paul Winzar have taken?

There are so many! You take some really great photographs and we have several favourites. We particularly like the shot of the couple in the Rolls Royce at the winery. It gives a feeling of romance and a film like ambience. We also like the shots taken in Kings Street with our Bentley which give a luxury urban feeling.


Do you have any favourite locations?

We particularly like Kings Park. It is one of the most popular spots that our customers like to go in Perth. We also like the Swan Valley which has a great diverse range of things to do and see. We regularly have Swan Valley Limo tours and weddings within this region.


What do you like about working with Paul Winzar Photography?

It is great to work with someone who is very talented at what they do. You are very good at knowing the important shots to take. Many of our chauffeurs have commented about how well you are able to interpret the scene and position the cars for the best possible picture.


What do So Cal like most about working in the wedding industry?

This is a very special day in peoples lives. These are memories that will last a couples lifetime. Thats why we take such care to ensure that our chauffeurs and cars are the best they can possibly be. We love that you are able to capture these moments so perfectly.


How would someone contact So Cal Limos

You can visit our website at There is a request a quote page and live online chat. You can also call us on (08) 94333356